Quotes from Satisfied Guilds and Students:

"Elizabeth Rosenberg's lecture was simply delightful. Her quilt creations are beautiful, and her ability to translate what she sees in the world into her quilting was eye-opening... Elizabeth's website has many examples of her work, and is well worth a visit. We were so pleased to see many of her famous quilts first hand, including African Ladies, Fat Ladies series, Strawberry Fields Forever ... to mention just a few."
Empire Quilters Guild, New York, NY

"I just viewed your website for the first time and I must say "It's fabulous." ... I would love to take your class "Quilting Upside Down" .... I have already taken two classes with you, and you are a true professional. Educational chairs ... are you listening?"
Kathy, Northern Star Quilters Guild, Somers, NY

"You surely deserve great success, both for your designs and for your excellence as a classroom teacher. There, you manage to combine high standards with patience and understanding for those of us struggling to master concepts or skills. You have been a fine influence on my quilting efforts."
Sharon, Providence, RI

"I enjoyed your class and (want to) thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration I have received from you. You're the greatest!"
Degen, Stamford, CT

"You have opened up new vistas of possibilities -- your class was truly inspirational. You are a great teacher (I'm a 29 year veteran, so I know greatness when I see it) -- combining knowledge, patience and humor."
Melanie, Yorktown Heights, NY

"I was an attendee at your free-motion quilting class last fall. Over the years, you have inspired my daughter (now ten, and also named Elizabeth) with your work. She first saw your work at the Northern Star Quilters show three years ago and asked me to take a picture of your quilt. You encouraged her to take a class, which she did. Just recently, I took her to (The Heritage Quilt Show in) Lancaster. Among all the quilts, she picked out "The Blue Lady" and asked me to take a photo. I smiled when I saw who had created it and asked my daughter if she knew who had made it. Excitedly, I told her that "her Elizabeth" made it. She was so pleased! Thank you for being such an inspiration!"
Mary Helen, South Salem, NY


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