The Quilt Whisperer is official.

Yesterday I visited the county clerk’s office and filed a business certificate for The Quilt Whisperer. Today a piece of paper stamped with an official seal says I am my own boss. That piece of paper is framed and hangs in my studio, and the dream I’ve had for so long is a reality. There will be hard work ahead, but I love my work, and you know what ‘they’ say:  loving your work is the key to happiness.

I am passionate about teaching others the skills I’ve acquired during the many years that quilting has been my obsession. The joy I feel when a student’s eyes light up with understanding is everything to me. There really is nothing better than hearing a previously struggling student say, “Oh, this is how you do it!” Well, maybe there is one thing better . . . hearing a student say, with conviction, “I can do this!” That, to me, is the ultimate reward!

If you are reading this, I thank you, and I invite you to join me on my journey as an independent quilt instructor — A Quilt Whisperer. I’m excited to see where this new road takes me!