Each presentation is a power point “slide” show lasting about 45-50 minutes. Afterwards, I will present a mini-trunk show of ten to twelve of quilts and/or wallhangings shown during the presentation, and then the audience will be invited to come closer to see the details. Touching is allowed!

My Love Affair with the Flowing Line

In the art world, “Line” with a capital “L” is used to create depth and shape. In the quilting world, it can be used the same way, and you don’t have to be an artist to understand how!

This presentation is full of beautiful photography as wells a beautiful quilts created by me and by many of my quilting friends. The concepts presented are inspirational, but not un-approachable. Even the most traditional quilter will be entertained by this presentation’s many interesting and enjoyable stories of how flowing lines can enhance a quilt’s design.

The Goddess Project

Does every woman have a lovely goddess hiding within?  Elizabeth thinks so! She set out to prove it by creating “The Goddess Project” — getting all of her quilting friends involved.

As the story of “The Goddess Project” unfolds, the audience will be taken along on a journey of discovery and entertained by the stories  Elizabeth’s quilting friends shared with her as each of them created their own quilt.  

A Quilted Journey: To Venice and Beyond

Sit back and enjoy the ride as Elizabeth takes you along on her travels and shares her discoveries and her inspirations. 

In this personal and engaging presentation, Elizabeth tells the story of her introduction to the art of lacemaking  known as “Punto in Aria” (translated as “stitches in the air.)

Lace in this style originated on Burano, a Venetian lagoon island that sparkles with brilliant multi-colored houses. 

Learn how she came to spend a month with the lacemakers to learn the secrets of the ancient art and experience sights and sounds of a hidden Venice that very few tourists ever see.  Follow along as Elizabeth shares how the experience inspired her to create her Venetian Lace series of quilts.

Marvelous photos taken during Venice’s famous Carnival are also shown during the presentation. This is a real treat and truly something different for your group to enjoy!


If you are interested in having Elizabeth present to your guild or group, she can be contacted here for details.