New Class: An Introduction to Improvisational Piecing

The first step in preparing for a new class is always the same:  to get some samples done! Luckily, a finished quilt that’s been kicking around in my studio for a while will be just perfect as the first sample for my newest class-to-be:  An Introduction to Improvisational Piecing.

I think this quilt, which will serve as an inspiration piece for for the new class, is a good choice for a number of reasons. First, it’s bright, colorful and attention-grabbing. The color palette is one that fits the requirements of the supply list, which states, “choose five to nine different one-color fabrics that work together.”

As a quilter who’s taken many, many quilt classes, I’ve always found that supply lists can be confusing and somewhat intimidating. Sometimes the list can seem more like an exercise in mind-reading than a concise and helpful pre-class packing aid.  Because of my own experiences with vague supply lists in the past, I’ve always tried to make the ones I write for my own classes as detailed and fleshed-out as possible.

Another reason I was glad to come across this particular little quilt in my closet is that it emphasizes the beauty of a cut made without a ruler. Most improv quilts emphasize form, line, foreground vs. background, etc., but this one just focuses on beautiful lines and shapes formed by the human hand. There’s no need to worry about all those other art “rules” in this class. Here, it’s all about discovering the freedom of cutting through fabric while letting your heart lead the way.

I’ll be teaching An Introduction to Improvisational Piecing next week to a lovely group of quilters from Long Island’s east end, after which I will set up some dates and open the class up to the public. Sign up for my mailing list to be among the first to get the news!

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