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The world in which we are living is stranger than usual. I’ve spent so much time since late last February thinking about the strangeness of it all, and also wondering how much of that strangeness is going to be a lasting part of our new normalcy when we finally go back there. Probably, the word ‘normal’ itself will need a new definition after what we’ve experienced during the year of 2020. Oh, insert a long, loud sigh here.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to distract myself from some of that thinking and wondering  by focusing on the book I’m currently writing, to be published next year by C&T Publishing. Working on the book has been helping to keep me grounded. The reality is that there isn’t a whole lot I am at liberty to say about my book, but I can share something about the process of bringing it to life, and where I am in that process at the moment. The manuscript is currently in the hands of my technical editor. She has already given it a thorough review to check all the numbers — the yardages, cutting directions, and project instructions. Right now, she’s coordinating with the photographer on the how-to photos, reviewing the subject (quilt) photos and overseeing the detail shots. Then, she’ll be working with the illustrator, insuring that my illustrations look good and make sense.  I’m champing at the bit to announce more juicy details, but as of this moment — I can’t. They are top secret.  In a few weeks, the book will be moving along to the design stage, which I’m super excited about! It will be a chance for me to have a hand in the visual look of the pages, the colors, and the general feel of the presentation. Getting to this stage of producing the book is very exciting! At this point it will begin to look like a real book!

While the technical editor is hard at work, for me the last month or so has been a quiet time, and a chance to catch my breath after the all-in effort that I put into the actual writing. Writing about my process was a new experience for me, and an educational one. Learning about the format that was required by C&T was interesting. It felt like a bit of a juggling act to fit my words into the format required while still maintaining my own creative voice. With the help of my terrific development editor, Beth Baumgartel, I feel confident that my own style and voice will come through. She was such a great person to work with, so encouraging and so easy to communicate with. I feel lucky to have been partnered with her for that part of the journey.

In other news, I’ve been thrilled to be able to teach several in-person classes at a local quilt shop, Second Spring Quilt Shop, which was recently opened by my friend Yvette Acevedo. The shop is  located in Greenport, New York, on the north fork of Long Island. It’s a warm and welcoming place, filled with beautiful, quality fabrics, patterns, and lots of interesting notions, plus everything else you’ll need to create your quilts. If you are lucky enough to live on Long Island, go visit the shop in person. You’ll be glad you did! Check out her website, where you can shop in the online store. If you’re interested in taking a class with me at the shop, you can sign up right on the website. I’m very much enjoying teaching there. It’s so great to be able to have in-person interactions with other quilters (while wearing masks and social distancing). The classroom is spacious and filled with light. Yvette’ shop has provided a great resource for quilters that’s comfortable and well equipped.

I hope all is well with you, my quilting friends. Be safe, stay healthy, wear your masks and practice social distancing. We will all be together again, enjoying quilting together, attending quilt shows and even hugging! I’ll see you then!




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